Friday, March 25, 2011

Some kind of post.

Sorry I really don't want to do up another emo post but I don't want to bug BF with my sorrows.
Just /ignore this ok. Needed somewhere to rant.
Twitter isnt right too since my followers will see. No choice of skipping unless they unfollow.

The departure of 爷爷 makes me miss Ah Ma even more. I know it has no connection on why I will miss Ah Ma more but this is how things are; me missing her more.

I still have not accepted the fact that she is gone even though I am living my life as it is; smiles, laughters, ..

I really am afraid to go back SG because the fact that Ah Ma is gone will strike/slap/kick me hard again. But of course, at the same time I have many loved ones back in SG.. so just saying.

I know, it's expected that I have to bid farewell to her one day. I just couldnt help feeling sad that I wont be seeing her again and that 26th Feb was our last goodbye.

Ok. Thanks. Bye.

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