Monday, March 21, 2011

♥ is for N♥ils

Probably you would have noticed that the nail of my ring finger (second photo) is shorter than the rest.
Part of the reason why I had picked the assorted design.

Hopefully none of the designs are too offffff!
I thought it looked pretty good though.
Furthermore it's pretty easy to do! As you can see, most are beautify by the nail stickersssss.

No time = "Instant" method.

Two of my favourite designs amongst the rest.

Ah yes, just a piece of advice!
Actually knew it from my sister already but I stubbornly ignored it.. and probably it's pretty common sense too.

Just in case,
I shall share it anyway!

Avoid painting the top coat over your Swarvoski crystals!

See photos below:

Obviously you can tell which is with and which is w/o the top coat.

And because I love my nails (ok, plus vain.)

(っ ̄)っ

And oh, my Forever New ring..
Nice right!
That big big one.

PS// Still am loving my Anna Sui ring though. Christmas present from BF; one that I picked in Japan!

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