Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miss You.

Dreamt of Ah Ma again the other day (about 3 days ago I think).

She was happily cooking for us, like she always do.
Furthermore, she was supposed to pass away on that day. Everybody knew. Including her.

We took turn to exchange hugs and kisses with Ah Ma while eating her yummy home-cooked.

She was very happy. Smiling.
I'm sure this is how she wanted to spend her last few moments before returning HOME.
Glad she did, at least in my dreams.

PS// Just told my sisters about this dream and its eerie that my second sis had a similar dream.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some kind of post.

Sorry I really don't want to do up another emo post but I don't want to bug BF with my sorrows.
Just /ignore this ok. Needed somewhere to rant.
Twitter isnt right too since my followers will see. No choice of skipping unless they unfollow.

The departure of 爷爷 makes me miss Ah Ma even more. I know it has no connection on why I will miss Ah Ma more but this is how things are; me missing her more.

I still have not accepted the fact that she is gone even though I am living my life as it is; smiles, laughters, ..

I really am afraid to go back SG because the fact that Ah Ma is gone will strike/slap/kick me hard again. But of course, at the same time I have many loved ones back in SG.. so just saying.

I know, it's expected that I have to bid farewell to her one day. I just couldnt help feeling sad that I wont be seeing her again and that 26th Feb was our last goodbye.

Ok. Thanks. Bye.

爷爷 RIP

I will always remember you for your generosity despite the fact that we arent very close.
Furthermore, we are only your step-grandchildren but you were still very kind to us.

Barely see you anymore especially when 奶奶 decided to stop preparing dinner. Only special occasions when we have dinner together.

Sadly, I think the photo I only have had taken with you is when I was young. ( ' ')

Anyway, I'm sure you are much happier now.

God is kind; he wants you to stop going through the unbearable pain and experience the worse. Your death was unexpected though as Ah Ma seemed to be in more pain (can tell though she arent saying and she still fights her pain to survive).

Nevertheless, you will always be in my heart and we will meet again.

PS// 爷爷 is paternal side whereas Ah Ma is maternal. So both are not related in case you are wondering. And yup, both life has been robbed due to cancer. Frankly speaking, I'm pretty scared. Ok, that's another story.

Monday, March 21, 2011

To mark our since 2006 of togetherness

Celebration on the actual day,





Freshly shucked oysters and homecooked!
Forgot to take a photo of the fried chicken wings and salad.

Bf's sickkkkk of ang moh food (and hates it too) thus the chicken wings (his favourite!) and no steak.

Anddd our postponed serrrr-pecial dinner due to overbooking and other commitments.

March 20.




Nobu desu.

After hearing alllllll ze hype about this restaurant.. WE FINALLY GET TO EAT THERE!

And because we are going to a Japanese restaurant,
Decided to take this opportunity to wear my Glamorous Jane dress, imported from Japan.



We decided to go ala carte since we know what we want.
Feels more in control.
Later they serve what we hate how!

And so,


Our pick.


The sake.
Not sure what BF has picked but he said it's the sweeter one amoung the rest.
Can't help but I thought it tasted like antiseptic wipes even though the sake is not cheap sake!
Insult to the sake, BF said.
I prefer this other pink pink bottled sake that I've tried the other time with his friends. HMMMM.

And the food.

The everybody should know.



The sea salt flake makes it taste so yummmmm.
Determine to make this next time!

Cold dishhhhes.

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño


One of their signature dish.
The sashimi is thinly sliced and the sourness from the jalapeno compliments it very well!

Sea Urchin


First time trying!
So I can't really say if it's fresh or not, yummier than other places or not.

Tiradito Sashimi


Use the lemon slices to form this after slurppinggg on the tako.


Guess you have pretty much guessed on how we thought about the dish!



He said was ok only. Japan served much better ones!

Hot dishesssss.

The everybody said is a super yum one....

Black Cod with Miso


Agree too. Massive yum except the price.

Prawns with Spicy Garlic


Super boring so not worth it dish. Seriously.
I think I can cook better. LOL.
But really la. Asians please do not order this. Not in a Japanese restaurant!
It's nice but soooo chinesey food feel.

Wagyu Gyoza with Goma Ponzu


Damn yum! The gyoza skin is smooth and not too soft! Like got the chewy feel.

Tenderloin Toban Yaki


Still sizzling when it was served. The tenderloin is tender and they serve it medium-rare. Remove the beef the moment it's being served so it doesnt cook further!

Palate Cleanser


Then, my favourite momentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.


I couldnt decide and therefore I settled for

Nobu tasting plate
– a selection of Nobu’s finest desserts


Seeee that hand? Bf's! He couldnt wait to indulge into his



Evidence of who's the real pig in da house.


In conclusion,
Nobu is a pleasant place with nice ambiance.
Can try.
Not too much of a wow especially if you are happy with simple fresh Japanese food.
Don't really think I will go back again.

I strongly feel that if you are after good Japanese food, there are other better places, even in Melbourne.
Not that the food is bad. I just find that it is too pricey unless you want to try something out of the ordinary sort of Japanese food.

Anyhow, glad to have picked Nobu to mark our anniversary.
At least it's our first time together visiting this "omg must try" restaurant.

Like our trip to Vue De Monde.


Photo taken after Bf commented "WAH WHY YOUR RING SO BLING."

I excitedly urged him to snap a photo of me with the blingssss.

PS// I personally prefer the blurer version. See below.



Mood kept yo-yoing.

Screw this.

♥ is for N♥ils

Probably you would have noticed that the nail of my ring finger (second photo) is shorter than the rest.
Part of the reason why I had picked the assorted design.

Hopefully none of the designs are too offffff!
I thought it looked pretty good though.
Furthermore it's pretty easy to do! As you can see, most are beautify by the nail stickersssss.

No time = "Instant" method.

Two of my favourite designs amongst the rest.

Ah yes, just a piece of advice!
Actually knew it from my sister already but I stubbornly ignored it.. and probably it's pretty common sense too.

Just in case,
I shall share it anyway!

Avoid painting the top coat over your Swarvoski crystals!

See photos below:

Obviously you can tell which is with and which is w/o the top coat.

And because I love my nails (ok, plus vain.)

(っ ̄)っ

And oh, my Forever New ring..
Nice right!
That big big one.

PS// Still am loving my Anna Sui ring though. Christmas present from BF; one that I picked in Japan!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bacon, Corn Fritters, Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs


The breakfast turned lunch. At Mart 130.

Pretty sure most who have been staying in Melbourne for awhile has heard of the awesome breakfast place located at Middle Park.
Interesting location; old station master's building @ a tram stop which explains why the name of the cafe is Mart, tram spelt backwards.

Their signature dish, corn fritters, was just alrighttttttttt.


Also because I went there with high expectations because I have heard of all the raves like "CORN FRITTERS A MUCH TRY" sort of thing...
I must say I was a little disappointed.

Won't deny the corn fritters were loaded with corn instead of flour. Thumbs up for that but I thought it would have been better if its more crispy on the outside.
Then again, I did not grew up with such breakfast so I am in no position to comment what a corn fritter should taste like.
Furthermore, it's my second time trying corn fritters. HMMMM.

Bacon was good though! SLURPS.

Sophie had her poached eggs, toast and smoked salmon.


Never liked poached egg so I can't comment much on that.
It looks really pretty though!

The ambiance is pretty nice.
Would say a nice place to chill.
They even used expensive handwash (couldnt remember if it was Crabtree & Evelyn or Loccitane)

Many also said they serve FANTASTIC coffee but I won't agree on that.


Go elsewhere if you thought that they serve good coffee!

Yeapppp. Nice place for photos!




Not forgetting, Truffle came with us!


( Look at her teeth. D: So fugly! )

Nevetheless, Truffle lovessssssssssss that place aplenty since it's right beside Albert Park!


Mornington with Bf & Sophieeeeeeeeeeee

Had a mossie-wallaby-strawberrylicious-breakfasty good time with Bf and one of my favouite gf, Sophie!

She actually stayed over the weekend as my horror movie companion (BOO TO BF WHO'S NOT STEADY ONEEEE. HAHAHA :] )
and the 3 of us played the Lil Big Planet + Resident Evil toooooo.

The place where we fed the mossies:


Even though the highlight of the day was getting our blood drained,
I still enjoyed myself very much; good company and of course the adorable creatures!


The gaggle of Fat Geese.


Only managed to capture 3, with one looking very very weird.

The cutest goose among the 3:


Lazy Koala.


Obese Emu.


Video-taped the cuter ones.

The very adorable long necked turtles in which I couldnt remember the name.


And my sister's all-time favourite.


The cute devil who is in hiding.



Awesome green shit.


Bf's favourite Wallaby.


He captured one lor. So it's obviously his favourite. HMMMM.

& the girls' favourite Wallaby.


The Barking Owl.

<span class=

I know you guys won't believe me that this owl barks.

Therefore, videooooo!!!

FUgly insect.


Beautiful landscape.


We had our shitty lunch from this char-pa-lang fish&chips place.


But yummy dessert from Sunny Ridge.


So energized that we decided we should go for some adventurous walk.
Spa was our initial plan... BUT $#%$ FULLY BOOKED. BOTH SOME MORE. HOW CAN!

Never mind.
Meant to exercise and see if we were fated to die on that day (see the photo of the Warning sign and it will make sense)





Present to us for being so sporting.


Next up, the yummy breakfast at Mart. :)