Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So I decided to take a nap whilst writing up my thesis this afternoon.
Had one of the weirdest weirdest dream ever.

>>> Stole a hamster-sized Pomeranian from this passerby because I wanted to bring to Ah Ma's house and let Truffle 'play' with it.
>>> Walked with mummy (& w the Pomeranian) to Ah Ma's place (Truffle's at Ah Ma's house).
>>> Access to Ah Ma's place was difficult, had to go all the way to the roof top, climb down the stairs (?) and had to squeeze through some low ceiling.
>>> Ah Ma greeted us, in her healthy form except that she is so much taller. & in a paper form (?)
>>> Saw daddy seated at this chair which he always sits whenever he's at Ah Ma's place.
>>> The place was crowded (forgot who was present).. check the wall clock as I had to meet BF. Clock shows 4pm

Checked my HP and
It was really 4pm.
EERIE. Period.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Me, My Chubby Face, Puny Eyes and Down-graded Specs.

Been contemplating if I should get one of those black plastic big frame specs during my Shanghai + HanZhou trip.
I've always wanted one when it was still hot in fashion (yea yea I know its no longer in fashion now)
Somehow, my old specs gave way the day before my China trip!


So ta-dahhhh. Me, my chubby face and my down-graded specs.


It's actually not that cheap, cheaper than Melb but I think I can get better deals in Singapore.
Oh well. My specs gave way and I was forced to get one.

PS// I know my eyes looked super puny. My degrees is 650 each so what do you expect! I've already requested for the thinner (and Japanese made) lens but it still tiny-fied my eyes :(

PSPS// Been terribly busy, trying to catch up with my work. It's not helping when I've been falling sick.