Monday, July 29, 2013

No Vodka please.

I just realised I'm not the only one who has phobia of Vodka!
(I seriously can't ever drink Vodka...)
It's really comforting to know that I'm not the only one. Hehe. Always felt like a party popper whenever I decline any form of hard liquor from friends. Am just so sick of it.

I was also wondering why I seriously SERIOUSLY can't stand it anymore.
Esp Vodka. A REAL NO-NO.
The smell makes me gag, like literally.
Mind you, even if it's mixed with chocolate.

E.g. White Russian;
(noun) a sweet cocktail classically made with vodka, coffee liqueur (e.g., KahlĂșa or Tia Maria), and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass.

Sounds innocent but it's terrible!

I used to drink everything with vodka (esp Cranberry vodka) whenever I go partying with friends (During my teens; 16-19).
Ever since all my horrible few incidents of puking, I am totally off anything with vodka. (& will avoid hard liquor if possible)

Ok, initially I thought it was just a temporary thing. But the last time when I tried that innocent chocolatey cocktail in Melb and I couldnt stand that irking antiseptic taste/smell,
I am very certain these Russian poison makes me sick.

Guess I will stick to Baileys if I really have to pick.
But preferably just hot chocolate or milk. :)

Ok, I know this is a super super random post. I suddenly thought of all the hard liquors as I was listening to some EDM.
Blame it on the constant Tomorrowland post.

Nevertheless, can't wait for Stereosonic!! (I am not into the partying scene anymore but this sort of big event is still ♥♥♥♥♥)

(PS// You dont need alcohol to have fun partying or get high. It's the company that matters. Proven.)

Monday, June 24, 2013

For those who happen to be one of those who actually had expected the government to "give day off", "give purifiers", "subsidise the bill" etcetc, pardon me for the previous harsh and insensitive post.
I just couldnt help getting super annoyed by these comments. I have a strong stand that we should work for what we want and not just waiting to be spoonfed. It's not just the haze issue that triggered my anger but many many others that made me super pissed. Especially those on Yahoo news.

Anyway, remember that you live for yourself and not for others.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pissed off.

Ok, I have never joined the group of people who are "JUST VOTE ANY TOMDICKHARRY OPPOSITION PARTY IN SO WE CAN KICK THE PAPS OUT".

And please dont assume that I did that because
(1) I FEAR the government (seen people commenting on that), or that
(2) I'm trying to get into the government good books (errr??? seriously, I actually saw some idiots posting that on their FB wall that they 'dont understand why some Singaporeans are trying to bootlick the government by supporting them' the fuck?)

Sorry, I'm fuming while typing this post so it can be a little harsh. Anyway, I've seen many idiots saying "why never give day off", "distribute purifiers to every household" for the current haze problem. Seriously people, are government your nannies? Grow the fuck up.
Day off for everyone? So are you suggesting that we just stop the economy etcetc. Then where are you going to get your food? Oh wait, you expect the government to personally do the home delivery.

Ok. This is a very impromptu post but I was really furious when I saw how much people want to stir shit by doing up some redundant 'factual' news. Saw this recent one on the mask distribution. For those ignorant faggots who only rely on their so-called reliable news, please learn to read some real news. Yes, newspaper might be a propaganda for the government but at least the "Distributing free masks to needy" news are true? At least they are doing it.

So all you fucked up spoilt people, please learn not to expect things. Give some constructive comments and not whine like a little brainless bitch.

PS// My family, whom I'm very close to and love very much are still in Singapore. I am also very concern about their health especially my parents but all I can do is to advice them to wear masks and stay indoor as much as possible.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


For no apparent reason, I suddenly felt that overwhelming waves of sadness.
Especially when I got reminded of the possibility of not being able to go back Singapore for CNY Eve, or even the whole CNY itself.
I guess.
Maybe it's the stress for this Saturday IELTs, or perhaps, it's PMS.

This suck.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


& I kept thinking of that kidnap dream I had. Maybe I just missed that simplicity. When the flower just blossom. I know these make no sense but am n ot going to elaborate.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello 2013


Ok, firstly, pardon me for any grammatical, spelling, whatever crap mistakes that I have made in this post. I'm too lazy to re-read and edit. Sorry! & ok, other posts too since I'm not perfect.
Let's start:
Been such a long while since I've updated my blog. I have been soooo busy for the whole of 2012!!! Everything just kept coming and coming that I experienced days when I just want shut myself from the world; been through days staying awake for 48 hours, the panicky feeling, etcetc.
Or bite anyone who stepped on my tail.
Horrible feeling.. but a great sense of achievement after seeing my hard work being paid off.

Academically, I had:
9 months dedicated to my honours research & thesis;
2 months to work on my research for publication (Hooray! Was really really lucky because my supervisor actually forgot to appeal for me to get my uni to fund for my manuscript but my faculty health was kind enough to allow the appeal through).

I had also went through some terrible rocky periods in 2012. Very bad memories that I wished it will never come back again. :( & that I will forget. Not going into the details.

Anyhow, forget the bad stuff (including THAT stress period during my thesis writeup!)!!! I had lots of fun too!

Holiday trip to China.


Where I get to eat and eat and eat one of my favourite type of food - SPICY MALA.



Then, Falls creek (unable to find the photos! #$%#% Maybe I did not even take any photos because been there too many times!)

Gold coast trip # 1 (July)


Gold coast trip # 2 (November)


YUP! This time its with my dearest sister! Plus other extras (hehe. JK!)


Wished that my youngest was there too! :( Actually (huh), I am very very sian of Gold Coast already. BUT NEVER MIND BECAUSE IT'S WITH MY SISTER DEAR <3
Will probably go again for my sis bf in 2013 cos he will be coming Melb with sister. But that's ok, will be fun! Because it is with my sister. <3

Actually, for my trips in July, was planned wayyyy in advance. Did not expect my honours year to be so packed. But oh well, I HAVE SURVIVED! Which led to...



BF graduated too!


Copy me only. TSK.

& we also went for a road trip to Sydney!




Gotta be my favourite degustation. Definitely prefer that to Vue De Monde.
Will blog about the food next time!

Actually, I changed my mind. The highlight for my trip is..



Sebel One Pier allows dog, very rare for an international hotel to allow. LUCKY BITCH.


Of course there were many other significant memories in 2012,


(DAMN. PHOTO OF MYSELF TOO BIG. But too lazy to edit so doesnt matter lah hor.)
Tiesto did the last show and the bar closes early... SO WOOHOOO.
I had the video but I'm just too lazy to upload. Many next time? (probably never knowing myself)

What else.. hmm. oh yea,
Thank you to Sophie dear for making the birthday arrangements.


and thanks to myself for BF's surprise birthday arrangement in China (thank you thank you! heehee. I know he is a lucky guy.)


And actually, the most important moments in my 2012 is spending time with my beloved family because I have been away from them for so long. Not even sure if I can go back for this year's CNY. :(


and yes, I would also like to say thanks to my beloved GFs, whom we have been friends for so many years, for all the fun and laughter. LOVE YOU ALL.


OK, THAT WAS TAKEN IN 2011. Can't find any photos for 2012 tho. Not sure if we even take any while I was in SG since most of the times when we hang out, it is at Simpang, 85, this kind of places. But that doesnt really matter. :)




Hopefully I can go back SG for CNY, miss everyone back in SG. Spa date with my bestie, MAO SHANG WANG date, kolo mee date, etcetc!
To those I did not mention or met up with, not that you guys don't matter to me.
Like this girl here, who I did not meet up with in 2012! Sorry dear. :(


& to the other people, like my uni friends. You guys still play a important role in my life, bringing me to where I am today. Thank you all.

TO END THIS, MAY EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU HAVE A FABULOUS 2013. Even when you meet any obstacle(s) during your 2013 journey, stay strong and positive. Your life will get better each day. LOVE.