Friday, September 23, 2011





Applause to their creativity! They have this Kaya Toast flavour. Yes, kaya (coconut pandan jam, popular in SG and some other asian countries) with a slab of butter sandwiched in between the macaron shells!


I lve lve lve their orea and hazelnut... will try the others next time!

One of my favourite macaron place. Sadly they do not have the dark chocolate flavour so nothing for the BF!

And yes, they made it to the Top 20.. why am I not surprised :)

PS// Another good place would be Cacao, rated Top 1 in Melbourne. YUMS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've got no idea why I always dream of reunion dinner with Ah Ma.

This time, she knew that she was dying.
The scene was set at this old place, or rather the whole atmosphere was grayish.
However, the whole atmosphere was.. happy.

She insisted on cooking her usual before she pass on..
I remembered one of it was her usual fried egg noodles.

Wished I had remembered to blog it earlier. Dreamt of it two nights back.. it was still vivid in my memory one that day but I didnt want to turn on my laptop for fear that it will disrupt my studies. :(
Now I forgot the details. :(


Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Post.. way back to July 11th (or rather, 10th)

The boys' birthday celebration!

At D.O.C
Got to say it's one of the best pizza that Melbourne has to offer.. well, at least for those pizza joints that I've patronized!

Good to celebrate your birthday there because the crews take the initiative to make it special.. and we (Me, Sop & BF) actually gave them tips!
It's like my first time giving tips in Melb because usually,
I dislike the services in Melb or arent too impressed. But this place, this crew in particular had won us over.

Ok, not because of the services that made me rave about the place but the food was goood.
But I must emphasize that you MUST order their Prosciutto or the Truffle mushroom.
Their seafood pizza.. like Ladro, was P.L.A.I.N.

Ladro's was even more disappointing (their prawn pizza) because I really felt as if I was eating flat bread w tomato sauce.
& damn, they charged for the Parmesan cheese! 2.50 for a pathetic little saucer. $#$#%^
Never mind about that, will post up the photos and such, later.

The other good place is at 400 gradi.
In fact, that place is my favourite becauseeee they offer good meat and seafood choices!
And their entree, the Prosciutto Di Parma was a massive YUM!
BF said it's pretty close to what he had in Italy.

Sadly, I forgot about my camera that day so.. no food pictures!


Anyway, back to the topic!

We celebrated the boys' birthday w DOC pizza and Brunetti's cake.
(PS// I still am loving Ganache's cake. HEEE. Except for this particular one that Sophie had for her bday, in which I have got no idea whats that name.)



& everyone else!

& since this is their birthday post, one more photo of them. A cheeeeeeeeery one.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wassup with all the lazy Singaporeans nowadays?

So funny how people are QQ$#%whinewhine^%$^%QQ%$^%$whinewhine about this dual citizen girl who got the Presidential scholarship.

Like, come on?
She has helped more needy Singaporeans than any little idiots in Singapore have done & still managed to balance her studies so well that she can excel?
Are you freaks even willing to give up your leisure time to help organise charity events, etc? HUH?
And there you are complaining about "Need welfare state to help the needy, etc"
I bet most of you had only done community service by force when you are in school. FULL STOP.

I also would like to add that the Presidential scholarship has no quota in the intake.
It's all about whether you are good enough or not.

And I highly doubt that you are.

2008 has 5 scholar and 2009? 6 scholars?
And during 2011 (the year that she was awarded) there were only 4. Because there is not too many eligible people to make it a 6 but she happened to be one suitable candidate.

Blame on yourself for not doing community work as much as her. Blame on yourself for not freaking working hard.

Besides, they have a bond to serve and if they DO NOT CHANGE TO BECOME A SINGAPORE CITIZEN, the scholarship will be taken away.

So please stop freaking blaming on people and use that time to work hard, do community service and get the scholarship.

PS// Sorry if I sounded a little too harsh. Am too annoyed with some idiots who enjoy putting blame on others. Anyway, feel free to give constructive comment if I am wrong. Kthx.
PSPS// I admit I am not exactly very hardworking either and definitely nowhere near any scholar position. At least I feel that she deserved it and I arent complaining. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.