Monday, June 24, 2013

For those who happen to be one of those who actually had expected the government to "give day off", "give purifiers", "subsidise the bill" etcetc, pardon me for the previous harsh and insensitive post.
I just couldnt help getting super annoyed by these comments. I have a strong stand that we should work for what we want and not just waiting to be spoonfed. It's not just the haze issue that triggered my anger but many many others that made me super pissed. Especially those on Yahoo news.

Anyway, remember that you live for yourself and not for others.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pissed off.

Ok, I have never joined the group of people who are "JUST VOTE ANY TOMDICKHARRY OPPOSITION PARTY IN SO WE CAN KICK THE PAPS OUT".

And please dont assume that I did that because
(1) I FEAR the government (seen people commenting on that), or that
(2) I'm trying to get into the government good books (errr??? seriously, I actually saw some idiots posting that on their FB wall that they 'dont understand why some Singaporeans are trying to bootlick the government by supporting them' the fuck?)

Sorry, I'm fuming while typing this post so it can be a little harsh. Anyway, I've seen many idiots saying "why never give day off", "distribute purifiers to every household" for the current haze problem. Seriously people, are government your nannies? Grow the fuck up.
Day off for everyone? So are you suggesting that we just stop the economy etcetc. Then where are you going to get your food? Oh wait, you expect the government to personally do the home delivery.

Ok. This is a very impromptu post but I was really furious when I saw how much people want to stir shit by doing up some redundant 'factual' news. Saw this recent one on the mask distribution. For those ignorant faggots who only rely on their so-called reliable news, please learn to read some real news. Yes, newspaper might be a propaganda for the government but at least the "Distributing free masks to needy" news are true? At least they are doing it.

So all you fucked up spoilt people, please learn not to expect things. Give some constructive comments and not whine like a little brainless bitch.

PS// My family, whom I'm very close to and love very much are still in Singapore. I am also very concern about their health especially my parents but all I can do is to advice them to wear masks and stay indoor as much as possible.