Friday, March 25, 2011

爷爷 RIP

I will always remember you for your generosity despite the fact that we arent very close.
Furthermore, we are only your step-grandchildren but you were still very kind to us.

Barely see you anymore especially when 奶奶 decided to stop preparing dinner. Only special occasions when we have dinner together.

Sadly, I think the photo I only have had taken with you is when I was young. ( ' ')

Anyway, I'm sure you are much happier now.

God is kind; he wants you to stop going through the unbearable pain and experience the worse. Your death was unexpected though as Ah Ma seemed to be in more pain (can tell though she arent saying and she still fights her pain to survive).

Nevertheless, you will always be in my heart and we will meet again.

PS// 爷爷 is paternal side whereas Ah Ma is maternal. So both are not related in case you are wondering. And yup, both life has been robbed due to cancer. Frankly speaking, I'm pretty scared. Ok, that's another story.

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