Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Health Tips For The Day!


Thinly sliced home-made cheesecake sitting on a bed of antioxidants blueberries!

Yay? Nay? (Haha. Trying to console myself. I got to be the worse nutrition student ever!)

PS// I know the presentation sucks! Intended to have it to be a "live" update on me pigging via Twitter but my camera batt ran out = can't upload = decided to put them on my dying blog (Exams ok! Have not ended yet but hee-hee)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing some pet food recommendation sites.

Pertaining to my previous post,
My justification on our dog food selection: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health

Some sites that I've used to research for Truffle's food.

Dog Food Reviews

Sharing if anyone is interested and want what's best for their dog. Dry kibbles.
I think it's an American forum so... some food recommended may not be available. Same goes for Melbourne and Holistic Select seemed to be the next best option.

Because we are so busy with exams..



for Truffle


(Print-screened from the video I have recorded when passing to her the new toy therefore it is superly blur!)


Treats used: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health

Pros: She is one picky fussy little brat!
Previously we had introduced fresh food (beef for special occasion), wet food (Nature's food because of all the marketing strategy stating how "real" the meat is used for the processing) and all the little rubbish that I give her that she is not too fond of dry food.
But this puzzle thing definitely make her "excited" to get her eat her kibbles.

Cons: The treats came out really fast! (っへ)
Also MAYBE because the kibbles that I've used are small.
(She's only 3.5kg sooo yeah. Small kibbles.)