Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote Wisely

I'm supposed to be rushing my assignments right now, BUT I JUST NEED TO VOICE SOMETHING OUT!!!!!!

It's linked to the previous post I did on my disagreement on a superuber welfare carebear state.

I believed nobody, nobody at all is incompetent to improve their lifestyle, even if you are disabled or just down in luck.
It's about your will-power. I understand that it is hard, because many times such has been running through my head;

"If I get caught in a car accident I would rather die then to be disabled."

But, think about it, why let your disability bring you down?

Easy to say, I know. I'm not sure if I can even do it but seriously, I do not think that other people should help you in terms of monetary IF you are not even willing to help yourself.
Probably to give you encouragement to bring yourself together again.

For disabled people, why should they care about what other people think? If you really had wanted to help yourself, just ignore how people look at you. Do you live for them? No.

Some honorable disabled people:

I really despise people who wallow in self-pity.

And seriously, the welfare in SG is considerably good, especially for the needy people.

Please see link to various policies that have been carried out.
(If you can't click, copy & paste to your URL bar.)

Another thing, $400 allowance is given to the low-income family.
It is definitely not enough for people who wants to live in COMFORT. But how is that not enough for your basic needs?
Furthermore, you can have free medical care, subsidy for housing, UTILITIES EVEN, etcetc.
Even hospital bills you can have huge subsidies or even have it fully subsidized.

Besides, you can even get training grants so that you can join the workforce again. Even disabled people (mute, deaf, low iq, etc) can get assistance for job employment.

I am really against throwing free money at them. I would gladly volunteer (which I had wanted to do previously at NKF whilst waiting to study in Australia but the compulsory 'orientation' came too late and I had to leave for my studies) and encourage them, donate food to those who need that.

It's about educating them people, education. Not doing charity work.

ALOT of people in Australia are abusing their benefits because it is such a welfare state. This causes laziness because they are given very good monetary support.
They have absolute ZERO determination to help themselves.

What's the point? It's like this quote: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime".

Anyway, something that I got from link.


And other links that you may be interested:



It's just few links in which BF, being a very good assistant, helped me googled. LOL.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To those who had agreed with Nicole Seah's note on Singapore's health care system

(See link on her FB note).

And continuing from my tweet. Decided not to spam there just in case it creates as an annoyance to some of my friends.

Seriously guys, before you blindly agree with her and not even knowing how blessed we are as compared to other country, please stop getting mesmerized with how beautiful she had pieced everything together but look into the content.
(I had to agree that she is way more literate than the current PAP girl TPL that everyone is mocking at.)
I am just annoyed at how some people just compare the two ladies and FULL STOP. Ok, it's only natural since they are the youngest candidates.
But I strongly feel that everybody will had to look at the group as a whole before placing your votes.

I was just discussing with BF and a friend of ours yesterday at how we should start worrying about the future of Singapore because some retards are even comparing the looks of the two politicians and started "liking" the prettier one. And how they are WOWED by her beautifully scripted notes on FB but (I feel) with little context or evidence to back things up?

I will not say that our healthcare system is cheap but it is definitely affordable. True, probably the rich Singaporeans are able to enjoy better healthcare but at least the poor still get attended to.
If you get cheaper health care, it may lead to higher taxes to all of us. It might also caused people to forgo their health.
Our healthcare system are considerably efficient. I will not say that it is the best as it is definite that there should be a room for improvement, like what everything in life should.

Do you know in Australia, they had their medical bills are covered by their Medicare? Which means, SOMETIMES I CAN'T EVEN GET AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE THE DOCTOR DESPITE CALLING THEM AT LIKE 7AM+ BECAUSE IT IS FULLY BOOKED.
Not just to one clinic, but probably my whole suburbs. So hello to the hospitals.

It seemed that people are abusing the services because they are being taxed very highly because of such privileged services. So might as well make use of the free services, right? Even my lecturers are complaining because people do not care much about their health since it's the govt who cover the cost, WHY CARE?
And govt are able to do so because they imposed heavy taxes on their residents.

I'm stating from my experience I had in AU (USA & Canada accord to BF who had friends there and are complaining about it too).

So, cheaper health care does not necessary means good. Anyway, SG already has a polyclinic which I feel is good for the lower income people. So what if you have to wait? At least you get treated.

Nevertheless, I agree that an improvement should be done. But probably to have better health education (in which I feel SG is doing very well on that already to have the compulsory Health Education subject during our childhood) on a more in-depth sickness like chronic diseases and such? I think there is nothing much to address on the cost so frankly speaking, I find it redundant.
Ok, that's just my point of view.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Still missing you.

I must say, the exciting part of my life right now is probably in the other side of my world -


Last night, I was embracing my late grandma and I woke up crying.
It was a long hug and I was wailing in my dreams.
Even after I had continued with my sleep thereafter, the thoughts of the dream caused me to cry again.

Had double the nightmare but I could only remember this.
It was supposed to be a happy dream but knowing that she is not there anymore made my heart ache.

Oh well, life goes on.

My Biggest Nightmare.

And it ever happened before,

"Suddenly, I came to a realization that I was in a dream, whilst in my sleep AND I just had to wake up, to get out of my dream. I could hear the outside world; it sounded "echo-ish". I was oblivious of the surroundings but I was not able to be in touch with the reality.
I tried to pry open my eyes - failed. Tried to scream, shout and cry, in hope that somebody could wake me up, with fear that I might not be able to wake up forever - failed.
Felt so breathless; its like something compressing my lungs. I thought that I was dying.
Really felt like giving up trying to wake up.
Yup, I was extremely extremely terrified."

Told that to mummy the other time when that had happened. She explained that it was my nerves getting all paralyzed. It's what many people called it "鬼壓身" but mummy said it's silly. (Agree agree!) Never believed in such supernatural stuffs.
Because she was there to comfort me, and she seemed to know what I had gone through, I quickly brushed that off.

Anyway, it happened again.

Had this eerie and disturbed feeling that I will die in my sleep one day and so, I decided to google "felt that not able to wake up from sleep".

To my relieve, plenty of results showing "Sleep Paralysis" appeared.
Felt glad that I could relate my experience with other people around the world. They had felt the exact same thing.
So far, no one has been reported dying from such. (へべキ)

Still, it's a terrifying feeling that I dread facing it again. Or at least, let me script out my last words, just in case I die in my sleep. HAHA.

ps// Nevertheless, I had an energized 24h sleep - from Thursday to Saturday.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love Ee Ling Day


Free parking ticket by a uni schoolmate who was leaving the campus when I just parked my car.
And yup, an Ang Moh stranger.

My presence in school is like only once or twice a week so..
Even though I saved only like AUD5, it still brightens up my day!
So cheapskate right! HEHEHEHE.

Oh well, what can I say?
The life of a poor student. (へ)


What are the odds of strangers approaching you to offer you FREE 3D tv (worth 5k?).
(Boyfriend is still grumbling why I rejected them since even if they did deliver to our place, he will be around.)

It happened when I was walking towards the carpark after doing some mid-week grocery shopping and this company delivery van with two delivery men (late 20s) stopped to speak to me.
They said they had extra stock thus why.
Apparently, they find it a waste to return them back? Even opened up and show them to me. AND.
They even helped me to carry my groceries back to the car. HMMM.

I find it odd and fishy so I decided to turn them down.
Was kind of cold to them too. Oh boy.
Its not like I know they are my suitors but they are strangers!

I'm not that greedy afterall. (´ ψψ `)


My day was ended with lovely treats from Charlene at Koko Black.
(Of course, we gave her a treat the day after at Ganache!)


She was here on her company lil retreat and we met up at night after the tour to bring her to some yummilicious dessert place in Melb.
As it was late by the time we met, we could only bring her to Koko Black.
Ganache's definitely the first choice but we left it for Saturday instead.

Nevertheless, can I officially declare 15 April 2011 to be

Love Ee Ling Day?


(Even tho I declined the free 3-D TV offer I know.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Overdued - Part II

Just some random-nessmous.


Miss Koi!

Wanted to post up my favourite selection from Gong Cha - Gong Cha Milk Green Tea
(The yummyness from the slight hint of salt in the Gong Cha milk. AWESOMENESS.)

I thought I had some... oh well.

Miss my Each-a-Cup tooooooooo.
Guess I got to make do with my home-made bubble green milk tea for now. ( ノ ㇸ し ✿)

Bubbles bubbling.


Actually Melb do have some decent bubble tea like Easy Way. (and prob Ten Ren to some though I very much prefer Easy Way)

Next up!


Awww. My convenient bottled midnight snack.

Anddddd now. This cute drawing!


Artist in the making: The little pretty girl in the picture below.


Cuteness is when she describe that drawing differently every time you asked her what's that drawing is about. Love and misses. Both of them.

Anddddd the last steamboat at my place before leaving for Melb.


Supposed to be the "Last Day of CNY" dinner sort of thing but was delayed to the last Thurs before my departure because daddy wanted to wait for Bryan.



I-I-I-I’ve had the time of my li-i-ife ♪♫ (っ✿ ̄∇ ̄)っ╰(ヘ▽ヘ)ン

Test Your Fashion Sense!

Ever wonder how gooooood your fashion sense are?

Test your skills HERE online from InStyle.

Various style to try out!
From dressing for interview to impressing your boss. Other fun stuff too like summer's hottest trend to winter wear etc.

PS// It feels like I'm playing barbie doll, the adult version.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Overdued - The Christmas Version ♥


Didn't want to make my post PHOTOHEAVY (okkkk maybe plus was hoping I will get back to my lecture notes after this)
So, just the belated Christmas photos first!

Christmas Eve was hosted at A. Ingfah's place.
A mini potluck whereby we dont have to bring any food.

I baked cheesecakes anyway!
Two choices somemore lorrrrr >>>> NY and Japanese chiffon!

And they were so kind to even give us a mini Christmas present + Christmas card too!


Ok the second photo is not part of our gifts and he's not Truffle.
It's their dog, Shiro.
Poodle and Maltese mixed. Adorable lil thing.

Everybody in Australia seemed to like mixed breed and they call it "Designer dog".
Like so WOWWWWWWWW right.
Give such a nice name.
(Not I create one! You can just go google it.)

Like for Truffle,
She is a shih tsu & maltese mixed.
Cuteness from Shih tsu and the brains + cuteness from Maltese.
(Not I say one! You can just go google it.)

Christmas Day was hosted at Bryan's uncle (Uncle Jeff) place.

Splendid lunch with amazing cocktail prepared by U Colin.
The cocktail was really good that I couldnt taste the alcohol anddddddd I kind of ammm. got drunk.
Partially because I drank on an empty stomachhhhh... but still. wwwwwteffffff.

I literally blackout and sort of fell on the floor.

I was actually running around with Truffle outside of the apartment when I felt this sudden rush of blood to my brain and this floating feeling.

I quickly ran back to the apartment and into the toilet. That's where I fall 'gently'
Really 'gently' because I squatted first and thennnn try to land by sliding against the wall.
Like this:


I was still kind of conscious while falling before really sort-of gone!
Lie on the floor for about a minute and immediately called out to BF when I sort of regain conscious.

I hid in the toilet because was too embarrassed! Like why so weak one!
In the end, because I was really feeling not ok that I had to call out to BF.

So I kind of slept on the sofa while they eat. HMMMM. Ok. I though it was a funny Christmas memory.

Nevertheless, yay our Christmas present from U Jeff and U Colin



Ah yes, SEEE:


A superrrrr pleasant and sweeet surprise from lovely Sophieeee and Jermaine!!!
Brightens up our day esp the cute drawing!

Our (Bf & I) gifts exchange!


& omgimaproudowner of..




Nice right! NICE RIGHT!

Mine actually came later like ammm. Feb? Fresh from Italy! LOL.
But it's worth the wait. BLEAHS.

It came as a surprise becauseeeeee Bf called and asked what I want because only Burberry, Gucci and some others that's cheap. Not much discount for LV.
(Before the trip, I had specifically asked Bf to look out for LV thus why.)

I just said anythingggg within the budget. I actually love surprises so I don't like to say out on what I want.

We managed to chat over MSN and he asked me what I was actually looking at (but telling me that he had already bought my gift).

I pasted the link of that.. been secretly eyeing for damnnnn long already!

Great minds think alike because!
When he returned back to SG, he told me he would have gotten that too because he saw this lady buying and he thought it was nice.
One thing about the LV shop is they dont display all of their designs so probably you got to let them know the name of the product that you are looking at.
(Or maybe just the shop that he went though he went to few other LV shops too)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Food Diary...


Submission for an assignment - TOMORROW.
The next - FRIDAY.


HEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Here I am ranting even though I'm on the verge of scraping the scalp on my head. (Hair's gone so yeah.)

Not that you care, but just wanted to PUUKEEEEEEE out my wteffgorging guilt here.

Lunch>>6-Oreos>>Full-fat vanilla latte (processed instant type. YAY!)>>Dinner>>Full-fat latte (phew, no sugar for this tho)>>3-Oreos>>Sweet Peanut soup>>Oily sweet broadbeans>>

Damnit. If I'm gonna practice nutrition for my future career, I got to be the most unhealthy dietitian/nutritionist EVER.