Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Really hate to swear but sometimes it's just so over the edge. Wonder how much more can I take. ZZZZ.KNN.


On the verge of exploding. FUCK.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


  • Woke up at 1pm.
  • HAND-FED that little picky girl.
  • Only left the house at.. 2.30pm.
  • Collected our freshly roasted coffee beans.
  • Stuck in a jam.
  • Wanted to try
But only reached S Melbourne at 4pm.

Had to put Truffle back to the car for convenience.. and had lunch alone.

Not a bad thing since I had my seafood and also, quiet time on my own.

Dinner at Quan Jude w BF and friends.
Was kinda impromptu. As in the place that we decided to dine at.


Yes, Peking duck specialist...
& the chef (for the peking duck)

Apparently it was reallly goood. But I can't judge since this was what I ate:
Crepe w the veg was yummy ok!
& no, I'm not having a vegeterian diet.

I just don't eat duck for personal reasons.

Our other orders in which I enjoyed!

A pretty decent place. Probably fantastic if you love duck.
Price wise, a little steep.
Actually, no, its expensive for these few dishes.
We spent about $50 each!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybe its because we've been together for quite awhile.
Or maybe I just need someone who appreciates me and don't make me feel like crap.
Or maybe I really do suck.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

L♥ve them!

Always brightens my day whenever I get to talk to my close GFs. Gossips and all.
Really lessen that homesick feeling. And I feel so myself.

Friday, September 23, 2011





Applause to their creativity! They have this Kaya Toast flavour. Yes, kaya (coconut pandan jam, popular in SG and some other asian countries) with a slab of butter sandwiched in between the macaron shells!


I lve lve lve their orea and hazelnut... will try the others next time!

One of my favourite macaron place. Sadly they do not have the dark chocolate flavour so nothing for the BF!

And yes, they made it to the Top 20.. why am I not surprised :)

PS// Another good place would be Cacao, rated Top 1 in Melbourne. YUMS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've got no idea why I always dream of reunion dinner with Ah Ma.

This time, she knew that she was dying.
The scene was set at this old place, or rather the whole atmosphere was grayish.
However, the whole atmosphere was.. happy.

She insisted on cooking her usual before she pass on..
I remembered one of it was her usual fried egg noodles.

Wished I had remembered to blog it earlier. Dreamt of it two nights back.. it was still vivid in my memory one that day but I didnt want to turn on my laptop for fear that it will disrupt my studies. :(
Now I forgot the details. :(


Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Post.. way back to July 11th (or rather, 10th)

The boys' birthday celebration!

At D.O.C
Got to say it's one of the best pizza that Melbourne has to offer.. well, at least for those pizza joints that I've patronized!

Good to celebrate your birthday there because the crews take the initiative to make it special.. and we (Me, Sop & BF) actually gave them tips!
It's like my first time giving tips in Melb because usually,
I dislike the services in Melb or arent too impressed. But this place, this crew in particular had won us over.

Ok, not because of the services that made me rave about the place but the food was goood.
But I must emphasize that you MUST order their Prosciutto or the Truffle mushroom.
Their seafood pizza.. like Ladro, was P.L.A.I.N.

Ladro's was even more disappointing (their prawn pizza) because I really felt as if I was eating flat bread w tomato sauce.
& damn, they charged for the Parmesan cheese! 2.50 for a pathetic little saucer. $#$#%^
Never mind about that, will post up the photos and such, later.

The other good place is at 400 gradi.
In fact, that place is my favourite becauseeee they offer good meat and seafood choices!
And their entree, the Prosciutto Di Parma was a massive YUM!
BF said it's pretty close to what he had in Italy.

Sadly, I forgot about my camera that day so.. no food pictures!


Anyway, back to the topic!

We celebrated the boys' birthday w DOC pizza and Brunetti's cake.
(PS// I still am loving Ganache's cake. HEEE. Except for this particular one that Sophie had for her bday, in which I have got no idea whats that name.)



& everyone else!

& since this is their birthday post, one more photo of them. A cheeeeeeeeery one.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wassup with all the lazy Singaporeans nowadays?

So funny how people are QQ$#%whinewhine^%$^%QQ%$^%$whinewhine about this dual citizen girl who got the Presidential scholarship.

Like, come on?
She has helped more needy Singaporeans than any little idiots in Singapore have done & still managed to balance her studies so well that she can excel?
Are you freaks even willing to give up your leisure time to help organise charity events, etc? HUH?
And there you are complaining about "Need welfare state to help the needy, etc"
I bet most of you had only done community service by force when you are in school. FULL STOP.

I also would like to add that the Presidential scholarship has no quota in the intake.
It's all about whether you are good enough or not.

And I highly doubt that you are.

2008 has 5 scholar and 2009? 6 scholars?
And during 2011 (the year that she was awarded) there were only 4. Because there is not too many eligible people to make it a 6 but she happened to be one suitable candidate.

Blame on yourself for not doing community work as much as her. Blame on yourself for not freaking working hard.

Besides, they have a bond to serve and if they DO NOT CHANGE TO BECOME A SINGAPORE CITIZEN, the scholarship will be taken away.

So please stop freaking blaming on people and use that time to work hard, do community service and get the scholarship.

PS// Sorry if I sounded a little too harsh. Am too annoyed with some idiots who enjoy putting blame on others. Anyway, feel free to give constructive comment if I am wrong. Kthx.
PSPS// I admit I am not exactly very hardworking either and definitely nowhere near any scholar position. At least I feel that she deserved it and I arent complaining. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why I've been MIA-ing!


(Except for my wisdom tooth... due for extraction the week after next!)

One of the many many billion zillion photos!
Us at Kbox.
Just last Monday!

Even Truffle is playing hard!


PS// Need to get back on track with my studies.. then, maybe then I will update more of ze !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Lil Bday Celebration!

Been really busy the past few weeks (coming to a month). Always OUT for most of the times... exhausting but enjoyable.

Roadtrips, etcetc.

Just a little short post on my bday celebration!
A simple one with good company.

Oh yes, dental appointment too for my wisdom tooth extraction. There is/was/is/was inflammation on my gum.
Yup, that bad.
So, I had to get that remove.
Just when I thought that I dont have to BECAUSE IT WAS GROWING UPRIGHT! But my jawline is NOT BIG ENOUGH and therefore, my gum decided to grow over the wisdom tooth to try and conceal it (something along that line).

It will be my first tooth extraction!!!!! (゚д゚lll)

had a surprise bday cake at midnight, in the car, ON OUR (me, bf, sop & jerm) WAY TO DINNER.
Super late dinner because we got kicked out of the house by the boys.
6 hours! In a dead shopping mall.

Got kicked out at 5pm after our Dandenong trip.
Andddd all shops (except for supermarket, cinemas and SOME food joints.) closes at 5pm (unless Thurs & Fri)

So, in a dead mall, we managed to do the following:
  • Caught Super 8. >>>> WE DIDNT LIKE IT! Was pretty disappointed with the movie. It was like some kind of exaggerated train explosion w a mean ET)
  • Hang around Kmart.
  • A ball-throwing-at-rodents/ghosts arcade game.
  • Watching HP fans dressed up for the premiere! Something like this:

Secretly snapped a photo.
There were others, including Voldemort!

Bday lunch w Sophieeeeee because the boys had some errands and couldnt make it back on time!


Then, HP7 Part II!!!!
As usual, the book would have been more detailed.

Andddd dinner at Kagu Ra Zaka.


Some of the food that we gobbled:


And our (quite horrible) dessert.


At this Monga sweet house.
Did you see the whole egg in the dessert soup!!!!
Unless it's some HK traditional stuff?
The black sesame.... ARENT GOING BACK!

Or might give them a chance by trying their other desserts.
Only BF's yam dessert was good. Tasted like "Orh-nee" though their description just doesnt match!

PS// They have got no steam milk pudding!! T___T

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Health Tips For The Day!


Thinly sliced home-made cheesecake sitting on a bed of antioxidants blueberries!

Yay? Nay? (Haha. Trying to console myself. I got to be the worse nutrition student ever!)

PS// I know the presentation sucks! Intended to have it to be a "live" update on me pigging via Twitter but my camera batt ran out = can't upload = decided to put them on my dying blog (Exams ok! Have not ended yet but hee-hee)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharing some pet food recommendation sites.

Pertaining to my previous post,
My justification on our dog food selection: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health

Some sites that I've used to research for Truffle's food.

Dog Food Reviews

Sharing if anyone is interested and want what's best for their dog. Dry kibbles.
I think it's an American forum so... some food recommended may not be available. Same goes for Melbourne and Holistic Select seemed to be the next best option.

Because we are so busy with exams..



for Truffle


(Print-screened from the video I have recorded when passing to her the new toy therefore it is superly blur!)


Treats used: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health

Pros: She is one picky fussy little brat!
Previously we had introduced fresh food (beef for special occasion), wet food (Nature's food because of all the marketing strategy stating how "real" the meat is used for the processing) and all the little rubbish that I give her that she is not too fond of dry food.
But this puzzle thing definitely make her "excited" to get her eat her kibbles.

Cons: The treats came out really fast! (っへ)
Also MAYBE because the kibbles that I've used are small.
(She's only 3.5kg sooo yeah. Small kibbles.)


Monday, May 30, 2011


Been having alot of weird dreams lately.
Weird as in, it felt like those dreams were bringing me back to the past, when I was young.

Supposed to be considered as happy dreams but it makes me sad by thinking back on like how such activities might not happen again.

I had only remembered some of the dreams. I knew there were more but I really couldn't recall.

Nevertheless, continue reading if you are interested. Though I must say it's pretty senseless and boring to you guys.

Wanted to brush them off but decided to just do up a post, just in case all those 'childhood' dreams meant something? A year later or so?
Because, I kept having dreams that are actually telling me something, or sometimes, it is something that I can relate to in the future.
Then, I can reference back since I no longer keep a diary.

Few days back, I had dreams of having breakfast with my WHOLE family, just my family. No BFs.
At this huge market hawker centre.
(Not that I don't welcome my bf or my sister's bf because of course, the more the merrier.)

The dream just makes me feel like it is bringing me back to when I was a child.
When I used to sleep early, waking up early for breakfast with all my family member present on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Another dream was something involving my grandma house, my grandma, my mum, myself, staying over at grandma's place, etc. Can't remember the details.

Now that grandma is gone, and the place will be sold soon (I think because my uncle had bought a new place at Seng Kang or Hougang, can't remember), I am feeling very upset.
Such memories.

That dream also seemed to be like during my primary school moments when there was a period whereby we (my mum, sisters and myself) used to go to my grandma place.
Grandma cooked for us when we sometimes stayed over. Early morning breakfast, etc.

Another involved with some of my friends. And we were going Thailand (huh?) for some choir event.
So it seemed that this dream somehow brings back to my secondary school days?
Strange thing was that I only dreamt of 4 of my friends (YL, Quek and Claud), and Claud arent even in choir!

We were even eating rojak before our flight at this food centre.
HMMM. Ok I forgot the rest of the details! Happened few nights back. =(

And finally, just last night, I dreamt of sleepovers with my maternal cousins, in an attic.

Strangely, it felt like we were kids because in that dream, my eldest cousin, Yu Rui arent married yet.

We were playing masak-masak but we were all in our 'now' form. As in like young adults, not as a child.


As much as I would like to say that they are beautiful dreams, I've been waking up feeling very exhausted and feeling really weird.
Sad even, I don't know why.

Oh well.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Seriously WHAT THE HELL?

You complained that you are poor and my dad, being a good elder brother gives you money.
$1 also can't pay. HUH?
But why do I see iPhone and a freaking Windows 7 phone? Oh yes, you drive a car too.
And I wonder what other luxuries.. maybe frequent indulgence of good food since your family looked very well-fed?
Nice. Very nice.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hate Myself (Sometimes)

I need to stop being so careless because I nearly killed Truffle the other day.

The place was actually smoky and she could have died from suffocation if we happened to stay out longer
AND if I hadn't remembered that I had left the fire on.my food cooking.

Can't imagine what would have happened if Truffle died because of me. =(

PS// My place still has the strong smoky smell as a reminder of how retarded I can get.

Tiamo II

Missed out on this night-out entry with one of my favourite girl, Sophieeee!!

Usually, we will meet to go for a mala indulgence because BF is so anti other places,
This time it's different!

Managed to convince BF for a pasta night.
And after reading some blog reviews on where's good at Lygon,


Sadly, realised we went to Tiamo II instead of the original Tiamo.
They are just next door! & we went in to the first one that we saw.

Nevertheless, it was the best pasta so far that I've tried at Lygon.
Just Lygon.

Apparently, Lygon is too over-rated for having good pizza and pastas just because they are known as "Little Italy".

Previously, the other places that we've tried arent that good. Especially the last one that I went!
Sadly I forgot the name of that place. ARGH.
Atmosphere - check.
Italians - check.
Crowd - check.
Yet, my order with BF was different - one was white wine vongole and the other one was cream pasta)
and ours tasted similar!
I wished I had remembered the name of the place to serve as a warning to people who happened to stumble onto my blog while searching for "Lygon good pizza or pasta restaurants"

Papa Gino was the other one that I've tried. Apparently the pizza is good which we (or rather BF&I) tried only the garlic pizza. AWWWW.

Can't say much for the main dish though. But I guess the good garlic pizza is an indicative judgement on the quality of their other pizzas!

Regardless, Sophie had tried and said that it's good!

OK soooooo
Tiamo II was not tooo bad!

I ordered the TORTELLINI TARTUFO (Ricotta filled tortellini with cream, mushroom & truffle)
Don't expect visible truffle for that price. But pretty not bad! The pasta arent soggy.
I wished they give fresh Parmesan instead of the dried ones.

BF's and Sophie's pizzas were pretty decent!

Harvey's RISOTTO NERO (Rice with cuttlefish ink & thinly sliced cuttlefish) had strong squidy taste which I love!
And they agreed that it was nice too.

Disappointment >>>> Desserts
Despite raves on how good their Tiramisu was.

Initially, my few bites was pretty okkkk and I think that was the middle
BECAUSE when I ate the other side, IT'S SO DRY!

The nutella pizza? Don't get be started.
I licked off the nutella, ate the supermarket icecream and threw away the crust. Left the badly whipped whipped-cream behind too.
'nuff said.

Unsatisfied, we went to Koko Black! (HEHEHEHEHE)
My dessert compartment seemed to be like some kind of overblown pouch.

Forgot to take photos of the dessert but really, hot chocolate looked alike. So no point, right? I had a skinny hot chocolate (HAHAHA, TRYING TO EASE MY GUILT EVEN THO I KNOW IT DOESNT HELP MUCH) and Sophie had her Iced-Chocolate.
Girls can never have enough of sweet treats!

Oh yea, why not Ganache?
We finished our dinner damn late!!! And they closes at 10pm. SADDDDD. Ok, that's beside the point.

Koko Black is my other favourite hot choc place anyway.

And photos taken at Kokoblack!


LOL at BF's expression.
We were trying to capture some nice shot of something like that:


Original photo is with Sophie though.

And yesssss. A photo with her!
PLUS we were wearing a somewhat similar style!


Another photo!!!
Closer take, just in case you can't see.
(HAHA, excuses to post up another photo of us.)



PS// Sosososososossooo excited for our June-July roadtrip! WHEEEEEE.


Why are there so many "PAP YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE" rumours spreading around huhhhh?
About them being a sore loser?

Straits Times, yes, govt controlled newspaper. Very likely to be a propaganda for Singaporean citizens.
Soooooo, everybody's turning to TheOnlineCitizen for the so-called reliable news.

Yes, some are true but NOT ALL.

Really wished that people could get their facts right before spreading those rumours.

and no, I did not just read from there but had the facts backed by friends and strangers who said it's A BULL-EFFING-SHIT.

Wah lao eh. Seriously guys? I'm sure this GE2011 is a wake-up call for the PAPs, seeing so many people getting so pissed off with them. Who in the right mind will still want to aggravate the citizens further and doing all these childish stuff?

I know some of the policies that were passed previously had done damaged to some. Like the sudden influx of foreigners for example.
But can everybody stop having the hate-PAP mindset and believe every single shit that has been spreading around?
Unless the news came from a WP member about how PAP disagree with them on some VALID issues.

Really please get the facts right. =(

Lastest I heard about residents can only meet the WP members at the void decks.
But why the news does not telly to the rumours?

Straits Times lied?
Cannot be because the WP can make noise if the reported news is a not true!! How much Straits Times want to be a govt-loving newspaper, but such news cannot lie, right?


Really urge everybody to see what happens in 5 years time. Think rationally. And changes dont just happen overnight. Weigh the pros and cons to every action being carried out ok?

PS// As much as I'm upset over the loss of George Yeo (yes, he's getting overpaid) but he has been doing his part too that residents who seeked for his help love him! (yes, the salary is not comparable to what he had been doing), I'm happy that the WP won because at least they can "keep an eye" on the govt.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a very hospitable girl.


'nuff said.

Random Thoughts

I know how I should convince my interviewer if I ever apply for a nutritionist (hopefully dietetics) position in Australia!

"Look around you. So many fat Aussies so obviously you guys fail!"

And of course I will tell them that with a

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Had always wanted to try the Cadbury Creme Egg even though I'm not exactly fond of Cadbury. (Tasted like cheap chocolate imo. My calories intake is precious! Therefore I need to pick what should or should not allow to enter my mouth!)

But see!

More at the Creme Egg Goo Tube.

I dont know why but the advertisement makes me drggggoooool.
Love how they made it looook so gooey. YUM!

Since last year when I had laid my eyes on one of these eggs, I knew I just had to try them one day.
As I am a very indecisive girl, it was only this year, after BF constant "Just buy lahhh" that I decided to get one.
Even made a pact to eat that as a study motivational treat.

Which means, I've been slacking for a week. HEEEHEEEHEEEHEE.
And also, it's when Easter was over = the price dropped by half.
Ok ok, that's beside the point.

Some photos of my Creme Egg adventure! (LOL)


AND huhhhh, They lied.


It's not gooey!
(Ok, also probably because it's pretty cold here >>> the goo has solidified)
(& yes, I DO NOT keep my chocolates in the fridge and it is still not gooey.)

So, I've decided to microwave it for about 7 seconds to make it gooey for consumption.



Another photo! With an emphasis on the yolk!


And my verdict? I won't buy them again.
Too sweet for my liking. Not a big fan of the white fondant that they used for the inside. PLUS! In case you have got no idea, I'm not a candy girl despite the fact that I've got a sweet tooth.
Still, I had a fun time eating it and kept asking BF if he wants to try. (✿´ ψψ `)