Monday, May 30, 2011


Been having alot of weird dreams lately.
Weird as in, it felt like those dreams were bringing me back to the past, when I was young.

Supposed to be considered as happy dreams but it makes me sad by thinking back on like how such activities might not happen again.

I had only remembered some of the dreams. I knew there were more but I really couldn't recall.

Nevertheless, continue reading if you are interested. Though I must say it's pretty senseless and boring to you guys.

Wanted to brush them off but decided to just do up a post, just in case all those 'childhood' dreams meant something? A year later or so?
Because, I kept having dreams that are actually telling me something, or sometimes, it is something that I can relate to in the future.
Then, I can reference back since I no longer keep a diary.

Few days back, I had dreams of having breakfast with my WHOLE family, just my family. No BFs.
At this huge market hawker centre.
(Not that I don't welcome my bf or my sister's bf because of course, the more the merrier.)

The dream just makes me feel like it is bringing me back to when I was a child.
When I used to sleep early, waking up early for breakfast with all my family member present on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Another dream was something involving my grandma house, my grandma, my mum, myself, staying over at grandma's place, etc. Can't remember the details.

Now that grandma is gone, and the place will be sold soon (I think because my uncle had bought a new place at Seng Kang or Hougang, can't remember), I am feeling very upset.
Such memories.

That dream also seemed to be like during my primary school moments when there was a period whereby we (my mum, sisters and myself) used to go to my grandma place.
Grandma cooked for us when we sometimes stayed over. Early morning breakfast, etc.

Another involved with some of my friends. And we were going Thailand (huh?) for some choir event.
So it seemed that this dream somehow brings back to my secondary school days?
Strange thing was that I only dreamt of 4 of my friends (YL, Quek and Claud), and Claud arent even in choir!

We were even eating rojak before our flight at this food centre.
HMMM. Ok I forgot the rest of the details! Happened few nights back. =(

And finally, just last night, I dreamt of sleepovers with my maternal cousins, in an attic.

Strangely, it felt like we were kids because in that dream, my eldest cousin, Yu Rui arent married yet.

We were playing masak-masak but we were all in our 'now' form. As in like young adults, not as a child.


As much as I would like to say that they are beautiful dreams, I've been waking up feeling very exhausted and feeling really weird.
Sad even, I don't know why.

Oh well.

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