Monday, May 2, 2011

My Little Note on GE2011


That's precisely MY point on why I said many opposition party has the STYLE but NO feasible plans.

It's not just to BRING UP THE FAULTS, just to 'sway' the voters to support them,
or having the GUTS to challenge the ministers.

Errrrr. So you say they need the CHANCE to get into the parliament to say what they are going to do? But don't you think that we need to understand what they want to do before allowing them to take care of Singapore?
Wah so easy, next time I will just speaking up (in a stern tone) and highlight the problems so as to get the how $$$million zillion$$$ salary the government is getting. Don't need to say my next course of action, just tell them to give me chance and I will prove. Maybe I will. HMMM.

A good policy makers will provide THE NEXT COURSE OF ACTION in the problems that have been highlighted.

And let me emphasize again that these are just MY OPINION - You don't have to agree with me.
I happen to just see this article on and like wow, I can relate to this.
(You can click on the picture for a bigger view and type in the URL to read the whole article.)

Then again, everybody view things differently. I would just like to justify why I've been whining about the only few good opposition party (I FEEL IT'S FEW OK. THAT'S WHAT I FEEL. YOU DONT HAVE TO EFFIN AGREE.) that is present in this current General Election 2011.

On a side note// I strongly support people voting for a GOOD opposition party (I'm pretty sure my definition of a good opposition party has been emphasized many times. Concrete plans, darling. Not just talk and talk and talk to sell yourself, kthxbye.) so that they can 'control' the PAP, in preventing Singapore from becoming a monopolise state.

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