Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To those who had agreed with Nicole Seah's note on Singapore's health care system

(See link on her FB note).

And continuing from my tweet. Decided not to spam there just in case it creates as an annoyance to some of my friends.

Seriously guys, before you blindly agree with her and not even knowing how blessed we are as compared to other country, please stop getting mesmerized with how beautiful she had pieced everything together but look into the content.
(I had to agree that she is way more literate than the current PAP girl TPL that everyone is mocking at.)
I am just annoyed at how some people just compare the two ladies and FULL STOP. Ok, it's only natural since they are the youngest candidates.
But I strongly feel that everybody will had to look at the group as a whole before placing your votes.

I was just discussing with BF and a friend of ours yesterday at how we should start worrying about the future of Singapore because some retards are even comparing the looks of the two politicians and started "liking" the prettier one. And how they are WOWED by her beautifully scripted notes on FB but (I feel) with little context or evidence to back things up?

I will not say that our healthcare system is cheap but it is definitely affordable. True, probably the rich Singaporeans are able to enjoy better healthcare but at least the poor still get attended to.
If you get cheaper health care, it may lead to higher taxes to all of us. It might also caused people to forgo their health.
Our healthcare system are considerably efficient. I will not say that it is the best as it is definite that there should be a room for improvement, like what everything in life should.

Do you know in Australia, they had their medical bills are covered by their Medicare? Which means, SOMETIMES I CAN'T EVEN GET AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE THE DOCTOR DESPITE CALLING THEM AT LIKE 7AM+ BECAUSE IT IS FULLY BOOKED.
Not just to one clinic, but probably my whole suburbs. So hello to the hospitals.

It seemed that people are abusing the services because they are being taxed very highly because of such privileged services. So might as well make use of the free services, right? Even my lecturers are complaining because people do not care much about their health since it's the govt who cover the cost, WHY CARE?
And govt are able to do so because they imposed heavy taxes on their residents.

I'm stating from my experience I had in AU (USA & Canada accord to BF who had friends there and are complaining about it too).

So, cheaper health care does not necessary means good. Anyway, SG already has a polyclinic which I feel is good for the lower income people. So what if you have to wait? At least you get treated.

Nevertheless, I agree that an improvement should be done. But probably to have better health education (in which I feel SG is doing very well on that already to have the compulsory Health Education subject during our childhood) on a more in-depth sickness like chronic diseases and such? I think there is nothing much to address on the cost so frankly speaking, I find it redundant.
Ok, that's just my point of view.


  1. Aiyo you spent such a large chunk of your post saying singaporeans are mesmerized by Nicole and agree with her blindly. Would be better if you left that out and concentrated on identifying nicole's main points and rebutting them.

    The crux of your argument lies in that singaporeans should not complain about health care costs because it is affordable, unlike Australia.

    Your main thoughts:
    1. Healthcare may not be cheap, but it is affordable and patients get treated.
    2. Cheap and subsidized healthcare lead to people taking their health not seriously.

    Well, both points miss nicole's points completely, but these are nonetheless good points.

    I feel more can be done to improve healthcare, by increasing the health budget. We have quite a low health budget on %GDP compared to most developed countries. This will help to alleviate health costs directly, and also improve standard of healthcare by having more doctors etc. You will probably say where is the extra money coming from? I don't know. I don't know how much money Singapore really has. But it makes no sense to stash so much money away in our supposed already gigantic reserves. Can't we apportion a little out to spend on singaporean's health?

    Actually I have no clue what point you are trying to make with the personal health reponsibilty and education. Can you explain more? Do you mean that people are clogging up services because it is free? Like singaporeans at a buffet? I don't think anyone meant healthcare to be this cheap, just that people who need financial aid for medical bills (for genuine cases) can find aid easily.

    Lastly, I never had health education subject taught in school, only a blue health booklet. Not sure how this would improve healthcare in Singapore but it sounds good for long term health awareness. But teaching it as a subject in school will add load on kids.


  2. Hi

    Would appreciate you if you at least leave your email and stuff instead of having it anonymous?

    And it's my post, my own space. Who, whatever stuff that I would like to emphasize on is my own free will, no? Furthermore, I'm not like publishing this on some kind of newspaper or whatsoever. So, if I want to have a chunk emphasize on how "singaporeans are mesmerized by Nicole and agree with her blindly"? It's my own choice. And how is it having a large chunk emphasizing on that? It's less than 50% so I don't consider it to be that way.

    As on your "people who need financial aid for medical bills (for genuine cases) can find aid easily" I think you should go research on what financial medical help has already been given.

    As for the personal health responsibility, I am referring to the "clogging up services because it is free" point. & how is it not cheap when we have a polyclinic available? You can even get referrals and as for the low income, mind you, there are already medical financial help given. Please go read up. You may get a "C ward" medical treatment, but that is life. What? You want to practice a communism sort of thing? Poor also get top-notch services?

    Oh funny at how you only remember to have a blue health booklet. Why did I remember to have Health Education as part of my subject in my primary school? HMM. Maybe you werent paying attention in school.
    And what? Lesser education for the kids now? I see.

    Ee Ling

  3. HMM. Why was your comments deleted and resent so many times? I will do a proper reply if it is being posted up properly.

    Nevertheless, to your "only blue booklet and brushing of teeth thing". Well, maybe from different primary school and it's different but I've actually asked my other friends from different primary school including those "popular ones" like Tao Nan, St Hilda's, SCGS, etc (I came from a neighbourhood primary school) but they do remember studying "Health Education" as a subject. So I believed it's a requirement from the MOE? Not just to a govt primary school from where I've came from. To jog down your memory, it is this almost A4 or maybe it's A4 thin textbook.

  4. & yeah, I will only do a proper reply to your other comments that you've resent and deleted if it's published because:

    1) GE 2011 is already over. So, I don't want to bother since I've got other better stuff to do then to "look back at the past and comment on what should have or shouldnt have been done"

    2) I looked forward to the future GE and what the govt can provide ever since this incident. Furthermore, I'm seeing improvement so far? Like how the will deduct their pay, how the "everybody want them out" people are OUT of the parliament, etc. So yeah. But we shall see. I'm definitely going for good opoosition party (Like the Aljunid opposition party" and not some Tom Dick Harry opposition party who also obviously is contesting for the $$$ (esp more so after the donation to "personal acct" incident. Quoting that since I believed that you are a pro-Nicole Sia supporter seeing that you actually bother to type a long comment on this entry")

  5. & yes, to the schooling eras. Maybe you are MUCH older than me? (Highly doubt it though judging on your comment)
    So I guess by the time it's my turn they have decided to improve on our health education by iposing on that education?

  6. To your "Oh, my comments were deleted. I thought there was something wrong with the network when my reply didn't show up. Sorry for trying to send it so many times. It is ok if it is deleted; I guess it is probably the last comment since I'm not welcome in your personal blog."

    I did not delete the comments. Please read clearly on what I've said. "HMM. Why was your comments deleted and resent so many times?"

    If I had wanted to delete, your first comment would have been gone since frankly speaking, I was annoying with your first part on "Aiyo you spent such a large chunk of your post saying singaporeans are mesmerized by Nicole and agree with her blindly."
    So why would I deleted your subsequent comments?

    Have got no idea why it is not up and I thought you were the one who commented and deleted it so many times because my email alerts kept coming up, which of course irritates me further. Strangely, my comment can be published, not sure why yours arent there. So are you sure you didn't delete it because your email is up?

    I see that you were in St Hilda's from 1990-1996 so I guess the education arent implemented yet? So isnt that an improvement that your juniors get educated on health? Like healthier living, etc.

    Lastly, I didnt bother replying to the rest because your comments werent up. I feel that I'm discussing this with nobody. So as you can see, my comments were mainly pin-pointing on you and not your points. I only replied to your healthcare view in my first reply because that comment was up. And as I've mentioned

    " how is it not cheap when we have a polyclinic available? You can even get referrals and as for the low income, mind you, there are already medical financial help given. Please go read up. You may get a "C ward" medical treatment, but that is life. What? You want to practice a communism sort of thing? Poor also get top-notch services?"
    Please read up on the subsidy that they can get.

    And to your "The requirement for aid is also quite strict, esp if they have family members deemed to be rich."
    So.. why do you need to apply for aid if your IMMEDIATE FAMILY is rich? I don't think you deserve any subsidy. Please understand that since since ONE OF YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY can afford to pay for you, why do you need help? They dont look at your other relatives.

    So how is my first reply to your first comment (because it is published that is why I bother to reply) just stuck at your health education in primary school? Referring to your comment on "since of all the good points to discuss about, we are still stuck on whether I actually had Health Education in primary school."

    Nevertheless, god bless you too.