Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Biggest Nightmare.

And it ever happened before,

"Suddenly, I came to a realization that I was in a dream, whilst in my sleep AND I just had to wake up, to get out of my dream. I could hear the outside world; it sounded "echo-ish". I was oblivious of the surroundings but I was not able to be in touch with the reality.
I tried to pry open my eyes - failed. Tried to scream, shout and cry, in hope that somebody could wake me up, with fear that I might not be able to wake up forever - failed.
Felt so breathless; its like something compressing my lungs. I thought that I was dying.
Really felt like giving up trying to wake up.
Yup, I was extremely extremely terrified."

Told that to mummy the other time when that had happened. She explained that it was my nerves getting all paralyzed. It's what many people called it "鬼壓身" but mummy said it's silly. (Agree agree!) Never believed in such supernatural stuffs.
Because she was there to comfort me, and she seemed to know what I had gone through, I quickly brushed that off.

Anyway, it happened again.

Had this eerie and disturbed feeling that I will die in my sleep one day and so, I decided to google "felt that not able to wake up from sleep".

To my relieve, plenty of results showing "Sleep Paralysis" appeared.
Felt glad that I could relate my experience with other people around the world. They had felt the exact same thing.
So far, no one has been reported dying from such. (へべキ)

Still, it's a terrifying feeling that I dread facing it again. Or at least, let me script out my last words, just in case I die in my sleep. HAHA.

ps// Nevertheless, I had an energized 24h sleep - from Thursday to Saturday.

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