Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love Ee Ling Day


Free parking ticket by a uni schoolmate who was leaving the campus when I just parked my car.
And yup, an Ang Moh stranger.

My presence in school is like only once or twice a week so..
Even though I saved only like AUD5, it still brightens up my day!
So cheapskate right! HEHEHEHE.

Oh well, what can I say?
The life of a poor student. (へ)


What are the odds of strangers approaching you to offer you FREE 3D tv (worth 5k?).
(Boyfriend is still grumbling why I rejected them since even if they did deliver to our place, he will be around.)

It happened when I was walking towards the carpark after doing some mid-week grocery shopping and this company delivery van with two delivery men (late 20s) stopped to speak to me.
They said they had extra stock thus why.
Apparently, they find it a waste to return them back? Even opened up and show them to me. AND.
They even helped me to carry my groceries back to the car. HMMM.

I find it odd and fishy so I decided to turn them down.
Was kind of cold to them too. Oh boy.
Its not like I know they are my suitors but they are strangers!

I'm not that greedy afterall. (´ ψψ `)


My day was ended with lovely treats from Charlene at Koko Black.
(Of course, we gave her a treat the day after at Ganache!)


She was here on her company lil retreat and we met up at night after the tour to bring her to some yummilicious dessert place in Melb.
As it was late by the time we met, we could only bring her to Koko Black.
Ganache's definitely the first choice but we left it for Saturday instead.

Nevertheless, can I officially declare 15 April 2011 to be

Love Ee Ling Day?


(Even tho I declined the free 3-D TV offer I know.)

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